Friday, October 1, 2010

Frederick Lee(Malaysian actor)

Frederick Lee
Frederick Lee
Birth name: Lee Meng Chong
Mandarin name: Li Ming Zhong
Origin: Malacca,Malaysia
Born: 18 August 1976
Occupation: Model,Actor
Family: Elder brother,Lee Meng Soon(Christopher Lee). A Singaporean-based Malaysia Chinese film and television actor, host, model and singer. (Born: 23 July 1971)

  1. Love Circle(RTM2/Zaaf Production House,2008)
  2. Tentangan(RTM2,2008)
  3. Age of Glory(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2008) - Nominated for Best Supporting Actor,Golden Awards 2010
  4. The Iron Lady(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2009)
  5. Pasar(NTV7/mm2 Entertainment,2009)
  6. Neighbourhood(NTV7/mm2 Entertainment,2010)
  7. Glowing Embers(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2010) - Nominated for Best Actor,Golden Awards 2012; Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role,Asian Television Awards 2010
  8. Age of Glory 2(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2010)
  9. Goonight DJ 2(8TV,2010)
  10. Ops SPRM(RTM2/VL Film Productions Sdn. Bhd.,2010)
  11. Footprints in the Sand(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2011)
  12. The Descendant(NTV7/Juita Entertainment,2012) - Won for Best Actor,Golden Awards 2014
  13. Laws of Attraction(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2012)
  14. Ops SPRM 2(RTM2/VL Film Productions Sdn. Bhd.,2012)
  15. My Family(NTV7/mm2 Entertainment,2012)
  16. Mining Magnate(NTV7/MediaCorp,2012) - Nominated for Best Actor,Golden Awards 2014
  17. In Laws(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2013)
  18. Radio Rhapsody(NTV7/Mediacorp,2013)
  19. In Laws 2(NTV7/Double Vision SB,2014)
  20. On The Brink(NTV7/Mediacorp,2014) - cameo
  21. The Precedents(NTV7/Mediacorp,2015)
  22. Terms of Endearment(NTV7,2015)
  23. Turning Point(NTV7/Mediacorp,2015)
  24. The Missing Menu(NTV7,2016)
Telemovies: The Legacy of A Lost Love(NTV7,2008); The Superb Matchmakers(NTV7,2011); Happy Family(NTV7,2012) - Nominated for Best Supporting Actor,Golden Awards 2014; Lucky Bowl(NTV7,2013); Spring Chorus(NTV7,2014); The Missing Menu(NTV7,2016) - continue from series

Movies: That's The Way I Like It(1998),Petaling Street Warriors(2011),Kungfu Taboo(2015)

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Frederick Lee(R) with his brother Christopher Lee(L)

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